A Day in Time Inc. is a non-profit, daytime, activities program for adults with mild to moderate memory impairment and those needing social engagement for the good of mind, body and spirit. It offers caregivers up to six hours of time away while providing a safe and caring environment, companionship, socialization, therapeutic recreation and a nutritious food for the care recipient. Our services include community education, resource information and support.




  1. The individual may have symptoms of mild to moderate memory loss, cognitive brain changes and/or have a need for socialization, due to isolation in their present environment.  

  2. The participant must be continent or wear protective devices (pads or Depends) and be able to independently take care of his/her own toileting needs with some prompting and direction.

  3. A Day in Time is a social model program, therefore a participant who requires medical treatments i.e. injections, dressing changes, or assistance with administration of oral medications during the program times may not be eligible.  We can, however, remind the participant to take medication at proper times and hand correct medication to him/ her. We would honor a nurse or medical professional to accompany the individual to assist in the above mentioned.  

  4. The participant must need no assistance using mobility aids such as wheelchair, walker, or cane. A Day in Time staff can cue and assist with limitation.

  5. Participant is not verbally or physically abusive to self or others or need personal care beyond the program’s capability to provide, as determined by A Day in Time, Inc.

  6. Follows program guidelines/policies and financial obligations agreed to.




A Day in Time offers affordable options to families who wish to keep their loved ones at home, thereby avoiding costly facility placement.  Our daily fees cover the cost of food and basic service expenses.  For those needing financial assistance, funding information is available.



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