New Memory Enhancement Program for

Adults with Early Cognitive Impairment


A weekly specialty class designed for the

individual who is aware of their beginning

signs of mild cognitive impairment. Each

class provides emphasis on memory

enhancement, education, brain focus, fun and

engaging activities, physical exercise, and

creative projects. 


Intended for persons with early to mild memory

impairment who wish to maintain their brain

through stimulating activities i.e. mental fitness, brain health and education, exercise and

community engagement. Persons need to be able

to follow along with the program agenda.


Complimentary 45 minute evaluation

will determine appropriateness to the program.

Attendees are asked to attend 4- days per month

sessions on a consistent monthly basis.

Fees and terms apply.


Programs offered at Anchor Covenant Church, 1229 Park Row, Lake Geneva, WI

Call Cindy or Lynn for a consultation

at 262-248-2922 


3-hour classes offered the first four Tuesdays of the month; designed specifically for individuals with beginning signs of mild memory loss, dementia, M.S., Parkinson’s disease, “brain fog”or related brain disease.


  • Brain Maintenance: for Mind, Body & Spirit


  • Engaging Activities: Memory Boosters, Brain Games, Exercise


  • Promoting Socialization and Peer to Peer Support



Fees & terms apply


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